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Which Dentistry Is Best for You?

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Well, that's one question some people find asking themselves as they dream of becoming some sort of dentist some time later in life. It doesn't even matter if you are a business student and want to change your course or you are a math student wishing to be a dentist. As simple as it sounds, the answer to that question can be quite frustrating. However, that could be due to inadequate information available to those desiring to specialize in some form of dentistry. Not to worry though. Below is a comprehensive summary of a few dentistry options you could consider.


This branch of dentistry deals with treatment of teeth that are badly positioned in the mouth, because they do not properly align to the jaws. An orthodontist plays a key role in bringing a uniform smile to his or her patients by issuing braces and other dental instruments that are used to realign the teeth in the mouth. Bringing people their smiles back is really important in boosting their self-esteem. In order to be an orthodontist, you will have to attend a couple of years in medical college and a few years in dental school.


Endodontic is mainly concerned with the dental pulp. This refers to the live part of the tooth. That is, the section that contains living tissues and odontoblast cells. Therefore, if you would like to relieve your future patients of pains and injuries, this is the branch you need to consider. Additionally, you will also be responsible for treatment of dental diseases. The good part is that you'd get to learn dental surgery and will be able to operate on technical issues. So, if you desire to be a dental surgeon, this is it.  Just like orthodontics, this dentistry will cost you a number of years in medical college and medical school.

Paediatric Dentistry

If you have the heart for children, then this is exactly the type of dentistry you should go for. This branch specializes in every dental need a child has. As a paediatric dentist, you will learn to treat children's dental diseases, fix young cracked teeth, realign teeth, and maintain their overall oral health through establishment of quality treatment plans. Additionally, you will be equipped with efficient diagnosis skills for interpreting dental signs and symptoms. You will also have to perform gum and tooth surgery in some extreme cases. First things first though, you will have to go through medical college and a few years in dental school too.