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Should You Be Sedated for Your Upcoming Root Canal?

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So many misconceptions about root canal treatments are based on outdated information. Perhaps your parents or grandparents had a root canal when they were younger, and found that the process resulted in some pain. That may have been true a few decades ago, but times have changed. The precision of the technique, along with advancements in methods and tools, means that after your jaw has been numbed, you won’t feel a thing. Read More»

5 Tips for New Denture Wearers

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New denture wearers need time to get used to wearing dentures. At first, you’ll need to practice eating, speaking, and even smiling with your new dentures. But within a few weeks, you should be able to wear them comfortably and enjoy the benefits that they afford you. If you are about to invest in some dentures, then the following tips can help you to adjust to your dentures more quickly and easily. Read More»

Not Happy With Your Smile? How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

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If you’re not happy with your smile, there’s a way to change that. You can arrange for cosmetic dentistry. If you go in for regular check-ups with your family dentist, you might think you’re doing everything you can for your teeth, but that’s not necessarily the case. Cosmetic dentistry can provide dental care above and beyond what your family dentist can provide, especially where aesthetics are concerned. Here are just four of the ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile. Read More»

Signs of the 4 Common Dental Health Problems and their Treatment

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Dental health is crucial to your overall health and wellness. When your teeth, gums and jawbone are healthy, you can enjoy excellent health for decades. On the other hand, poor dental and oral health can lead to medical problems like cancer of the mouth, diabetes and heart disease. The best way to maintain your dental health is by learning and upholding proper oral health care. Here are four signs of the most common dental health complications and how to manage them. Read More»

Why You Need Dentistry At Every Stage of Life

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From infants to centenarians, people at all stages of life can benefit from regular dental checkups. Even in those too old or young to have teeth, dentists perform an important role in assessing the health of the gums and of the mouth as a whole. Here are a few good reasons why people in every age group should maintain regular contact with dentistry services. Kids All responsible parents should take their kids to see a dentist regularly. Read More»

Protect Your Teeth: Signs That You Need To See A Periodontist

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If you’ve postponed dental care during the current pandemic, you’re not alone. Many people have avoided receiving routine dental care, as a way to prevent sickness. Not only that, many dentists have cut back on their office hours during this time. Unfortunately, lack of proper dental care has increased the occurrence of issues such as decay, cavities, and gum disease. If you’ve noticed significant changes in your teeth and gums, it’s time to seek dental care. Read More»

Do Your Dentures Need Relining?

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If your dentures no longer fit as well as they used to, a denture reline could help to make them more comfortable. Here are a few signs that it’s time to discuss denture relining with your dentist. 1. Your Dentures Feel Loose The most obvious sign that your dentures need a reline is that they feel loose. This change in fit occurs because mouths naturally change shape as people age. The lower jaw typically shrinks due to a loss of bone density. Read More»

The Major Reasons Why You Might Require Cosmetic Dental Services

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There is an increasing demand for cosmetic dental care as more and more people seek to improve their physical appearances. Cosmetic dental services focus on improving dental aesthetics with regard to alignment, shape, position, colour and smile appearance. To achieve that, cosmetic dentists utilise different restorative techniques, including veneers, bonding, bridges, crowns, implants and dentures. Their aim is to improve the functions of your mouth, such as eating and speaking. Also, the dental procedures will come with the added advantage of modifying your facial appearance and smile. Read More»