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5 Tips to Help Prevent Uneven Teeth Whitening Results

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One of the worst things that can happen when you're whitening your teeth is finding that some teeth are whiter than others when the treatment finishes. With some areas made whiter and others relatively unaffected, you might be more self-conscious about your smile than ever, so make sure you follow these five tips to help prevent an uneven finish.

1. Use Custom-Fit Whitening Trays

Over-the-counter whitening trays are quite cheap, as are whitening strips. However, they won't perfectly fit around your teeth like the custom-fit whitening trays that can be provided by your dentist. As such, they don't put the complete surface of each tooth in contact with whitening gel, which means they are more likely to create an uneven appearance.

2. Avoid Staining Food and Drink

It's pretty obvious that drinking or eating anything that can stain your teeth is a bad idea during whitening, but many people fail to realise that this is one of the most common causes of an uneven finish. Staining compounds tend to affect certain teeth more than others, particularly those at the front of the mouth, so make sure that you avoid things like coffee, tea, soft drinks and berries until the whitening treatment has ended.

3. Don't Use Over-the-Counter Bleaching Agents

You already know to use custom-fit whitening trays, but you'll also need to use bleaching agents provided by your dentist instead of using over-the-counter alternatives. The problem with these is that they contain a relatively low concentration of peroxide. They will work well on lighter stains, but they won't be very effective at fighting darker ones. With the lighter stains removed but the darker ones remaining, your teeth can look very uneven in colour.

4. Have Your Teeth Cleaned First

You might brush and floss religiously each day, but there are certain cleaning methods that your dentist or hygienist can utilize that you just won't have access to. It's best to schedule a tooth cleaning just before you have your teeth whitened. This will remove any tartar build-up, which often develops in tough-to-reach crevices and can result in an uneven appearance after whitening.

5. Don't Panic and Stop

Uneven whitening can sometimes be due to nothing more than stopping before the end of the recommended treatment cycle. Unfortunately, certain parts of each tooth can change colour faster than others, which often leads people to panic and stop the treatment through fear of things getting worse. For example, the edges of your teeth will probably whiten faster since the enamel is thinner there. Instead of stopping, continue with bleaching as long as your dentist told you to—this provides a chance for things to even out.