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Why There Are Plenty of Reasons to Consider Implants and Dentures at the Modern-Day Dentist's Office

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Technology has significantly improved the experience when you schedule a visit to your dentist's chair. Nowhere has this improvement been more evident than when it comes to the fitting of dentures and implants. It hass only taken a couple of generations for this sector to be revolutionised and the solution of today will be comfortable, good-looking and affordable at the same time. So what exactly has changed to make this an idea you should seriously be considering?

Modern Technology

The dentures that your grandparents may have worn were very different. Technicians and dental surgeons did not have access to the materials, the technology or the training that their modern-day counterparts do. The dentures of yesteryear would not fit particularly well and would sometimes "come loose" at an awkward time. The modern-day denture, however, is specifically tailored to the individual.

How is this achieved? Firstly, technicians will create an acrylic base that is designed to cover the top of the mouth, onto which the improvement can be fixed. The bottom denture, conversely, is contoured so that it does not get in the way of the tongue and allows for foods to be chewed successfully.

Getting an Impression

For all of this to be achieved, specific impressions need to be taken inside the mouth so that the correct dimensions are sent to the laboratory for work. Dentures don't just have to "sit" within the mouth any more, either as special implants can be introduced to retain them using special connectors.

How Can the Dentist Visualise the End Result?

Here again, technology comes to the rescue with new equipment known as holographic scanners. These allow the dentist to see a three-dimensional image of the inside of the mouth on a computer screen and software can then help to come up with specific measurements for the design of the dental work. As part of this process, additional technology will create an impression of the muscles in the facial area and in particular how they impact the biting force of the jaw. This extra information allows fitment of the devices to be made with amazing accuracy.

Best of All Worlds

Remember, it is not always necessary to have a full set of dentures and in many cases they can be combined with existing and new implants to create a very strong, good-looking and functional solution for almost every patient.

Time-Saving, too

With all of these developments comes one other advantage. It's now possible to get implants and dentures designed and fitted in a lot less time. Schedule a visit with your dentist to find out more.