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4 Reasons Why It's Never Too Late to Straighten Your Smile

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Many people associate dental braces with teenagers and young adults, but if you are at a later stage of life and you are not happy with your smile, there is no reason why you should not consider orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. Here are four key facts that demonstrate that orthodontics are not just for kids.

1. Adult Braces Are Becoming More Popular

Braces are becoming increasingly common among adults, which means you won't stand out if you decide to straighten your smile later in life. According to a spokesperson from the Australian Society of Orthodontists, people over the age of 20 account for nearly a third of orthodontic patients today.

2. Braces Can Have Dental Health Benefits

If your budget is tight, you might wonder whether you can justify spending money on treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. However, braces can have benefits that extend far beyond simply giving you more confidence in the way you look. Teeth that are straight and regularly spaced are generally much easier to clean, which could mean that braces could lower your risk of developing a buildup of dental plaque or tartar. You may be able to reduce your risk of cavities by straightening your smile, as your daily brushing and flossing are likely to be more effective.

3. No One Has to Know

If you are self-conscious about walking into the office with a mouth full of metal, it is time to put your fears to rest. Today, there are subtle alternatives to the traditional metal braces that you may remember from your teenage years. For example, Invisalign plastic braces are almost invisible, allowing you to straighten your smile without having to endure questions from your coworkers. Simply slip the clear, plastic aligners over your teeth and keep them in place throughout the day and night, taking them out only for eating, drinking, and cleaning. Over time, these invisible braces can give you a straighter and more regular smile.

4. You Can Have Braces More Than Once in Your Lifetime

If you had braces as a teenager, but your smile has since become crooked again, don't worry; you haven't done anything wrong. Teeth often shift slightly during adult life, which means that adults who had orthodontic treatment as teenagers may need braces again a few decades later. The first step to repairing your smile is to visit an orthodontist who can assess your teeth and let you know which orthodontic treatment options are suitable for you.