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Two Tips To Help Successfully Change Orthodontists When Moving Country

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When you move to a new country, there are a lot of things to consider, but one that often gets overlooked is how to successfully transfer your medical and dental needs from one country to another. As a person who is about to emigrate to Australia, the orthodontic needs of your teenager must be considered in advance. You will not have any trouble finding an excellent orthodontist when you arrive in Australia, but how do you make sure there is no interruption to the quality of treatment your child is getting? These two tips make sure your child's braces are well looked after from the moment you touch down in your new homeland.

Find A New Orthodontist Before Leaving

Before moving to Australia, find an orthodontist that meets your expectations. The internet will help you to locate braces specialists working in the area you are moving to. An internet search will also help you check the reviews of orthodontists who appeal to you. Once you find an orthodontist you like, give them a call and talk to them. While meeting a new orthodontist is preferably done face-to-face, you can still ask relevant questions about the standard of care over the phone, and get a feel for the type of practice the orthodontist operates.

The main reason for locating a new orthodontist before you leave your home country is so your old orthodontist can forward your child's medical records directly to them. This limits the chance of the records getting lost in the move. It also means the two orthodontists can directly discuss the treatment plan if necessary, and that means no important information gets overlooked.

Settle Up Your Account Before Leaving

There are not many families who can afford to pay outright for dental braces, and many choose to enter a pay-as-you-go plan with a deposit paid up front. It is important that you make sure your account is left in good standing with the current orthodontist before you leave the country. Not only do you not want to return to a nasty report on your credit record if you move back to your homeland in the future, but your current orthodontist is within their rights to not release your child's records until the account is paid up to date.

By asking lots of questions and communicating with both the old and new orthodontist, you can make sure there are no gaps in your child's braces progress. This means their teeth will be nicely straight within the original estimated treatment time, even if the end result occurs thousands of kilometres away from where the treatment first began.