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What You Should Know Before Going with Same-Day Dentures

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There are several aspects and considerations of dentures when you finally make the choice to move forward with the procedure. You are asked to choose the shade of the teeth, material that is used, and various other options. This gives you a more personalized option than your traditional dentures normally would. You may be wondering how much of this process you will lose if you go with same day dentures, and what the benefits will be for the option. Here are some things to consider before going with the same-day denture option instead of using a traditional method and options:

Visits and Treatment Plan

The misconception is that same-day dentures mean you are done all in one day. The truth is the same day or immediate dentures will require more than one visit. The purpose of them is to give you teeth on the same day, but after the swelling from the tooth extraction and placement reduces, you will need to have resizing done. This can take several appointments depending on the level of swelling you have. You do have teeth on the first day and after each visit, but you will need more than one visit to maintain them and have them fitted properly.

Personalization is an Option

You may think you will lose out on personalization of your dentures, or that your denture options will be limited. The truth is, this type of option is planned ahead. This means you can place the order for the shade, material, and even style of dentures you want. They will be prefabricated and waiting for you on the day of your appointment. Any changes that you need to make can be requested at that time, though keep in mind, this will likely mean you will have to reschedule your appointment for after the changes have been made to the denture order.

Eligibility for Same Day Services

There is an eligibility process for same day service or immediate dentures. Your gum line must be suitable for the dentures. You also may have to have anchors which are done through dental implants. This could mean that you are unable to have everything done on the same day. Other considerations may be taken into account depending on your dental health history and current status of your denture need.

If you are unsure if same day dentures are for you, consider a consultation with your dentist to discuss options. They can also help you with pricing and alternatives if necessary.