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Problems That Could Develop From Crooked Teeth

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Crooked teeth are a common dental problem, afflicting a large number of people. However, some people tend to be under the assumption that seeking tooth alignment procedures is purely cosmetic. In reality, not only will the adjustment procedures improve the appearance of your teeth, but they are also essential to ensuring that your teeth are not susceptible to a host of dental problems. Below are some of the oral issues that could end up arising due to crooked teeth.

Risk of gum disease

One of the reasons why you should consider orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth is to prevent the development of gum disease. Gingivitis typically comes about when bacteria begin to accumulate in the hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. When this bacteria is left undeterred, the gingivitis rapidly develops into periodontitis, and this would put you at risk of tooth decay, tooth loss and more. The reason why crooked teeth increase your chances of gum disease is that misalignment makes it harder for you to clean your teeth thoroughly. As a result, you have a higher risk of bacteria breeding in your mouth.

Risk of uneven tooth wear

Another reason why you should seek tooth alignment for crooked teeth is to prevent the uneven wear and tear of your teeth. What some people do no realise is that when their teeth are crowded or uneven, there will often be a few teeth that protrude. If these protruding teeth are at your lower jaw, they will rub against your upper teeth and vice versa. Over time, you will find that the enamel of your teeth has started to diminish due to the consistent abrasion between the teeth. Loss of enamel then presents a host of oral problems, including tooth sensitivity, susceptibility to cavities and more.

Risk of bad breath

Occasional bad breath is something most people will have to contend with at one time or another, and it is typically caused by food items in their diet. However, chronic halitosis is a more serious problem and can deal a severe blow to your overall confidence. It should be noted that crooked teeth can cause you to be afflicted with bad breath. The reason for this is the trapped bacteria that keeps lingering in the hard-to-clean areas of your mouth. As a result, you begin to suffer from halitosis despite your best efforts to maintain good oral care. Tooth straightening coupled with routine professional cleaning should eliminate this problem.

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